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Purchasing a House for the First Time

11 Jun 2012

The home buying process and its cycles

Most individuals one way or another, seriously contemplate on undertaking one of the biggest decisions in their lifetime- buying a house! Many such individuals go through a series of crossroads and uncertainties during this period, which may last anywhere from about a few weeks to a few years after first contemplating to purchase a home, the end being when such a home is eventually bought or such individuals opt to continue to rent due to the fact they do not have sufficient cash flow to purchase a house that is suitable to their tastes.

This process may be both exciting and frustrating, as persons shift between these two emotions with the thrills and chills discovered in searching for a suitable home to purchase. Sometimes, such a process is one of self discovery and growth. When finally having secured what may or may not be the home of one’s dreams, one is finally settled and thus nestled, in the fact that a hurdle of unparallelled proportions has been climbed and reached. It thus makes, searching for another home, a far easier process after having experienced the firsts of whirlwinds when buying a house for the first time. Aren’t experiences a most disciplined teacher?!?!?! And indeed this is also the case in the experience of home purchasing.

Undoubtedly, a real estate agency is enlisted to make the process easier….simpler….sweeter! With a realtor in your corner, not only have you assigned to such agents the responsibility of finding you a house, you have entrusted them with the task of transcending your day dreams, a reality. With that said, there has been a recent boom of a high quality and quantity of houses on the market. Your real estate agent, is usually exposed to a wide range of different property listings with a variety in price ranges, that most times will meet your expectations completely; and if not, at least one half of the way. Buyers more importantly need to accept the fact that the narrower their tastes, with little or no room for compromise, the more they need to cash out in order to purchase their ideal house. On the other hand, if buyers are working on a budget (with that being the majority) then they will need to compromise on certain things a house may not have which they would have liked, and so, prioritize what would be a make or break factor in terms of what they would be able to live with…and in !

Choices, Choices-Your real estate agency can help you