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Address: P.O. Box 1063
GPO Roseau
Commonwealth of Dominica

Telephone: (767) 276-4472
Fax: (767) 448-5559

Email: dominica_properties@live.com

Some Customs Restrictions if you are Thinking of Moving to Dominica

The importation of certain articles are restricted or prohibited in order to protect the community, to maintain animal and plant life, among other reasons. Travelers who visit Dominica may have to undergo routine customs inspections upon entering the country.

  • Importing pets

    Pets Travelling to Dominica

    Having that Special Member of the Family Travel with you to Dominica

    The following will be required in order to bring a family pet or other animal into the Commonwealth of Dominica:

    • A health certificate issued by an accredited veterinarian in the country of origin, stating that the pet is healthy and free of parasites and is on a flea and tick protection program;
    • A rabies vaccine to show all current inoculations. The vaccine must be given thirty (30) days prior to coming to Dominica but not more than 365 days;
    • To obtain an import certificate issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock Department Unit.
    • Once the aforesaid requirements are undertaken, an import permit may be issued.
    • Thereafter the Livestock Development Unit (LDU) should be faxed or emailed and should be informed of the Port of arrival, date and time of arrival, at least two (2) weeks in advance.
    • The import permit and the veterinary certificate should be presented at port of entry. (Processing and import permit fees may apply)
  • Importing fruits and plants

    Suculent Mangosteens

    Make Sure Your Fruits & Plants Have Their right Documents

    To import fruits and plants, the following set below will be required:

    • An import license from the Minister of Agriculture. Please Contact:
      Department of Agriculture
      Division of Agriculture, Veterinary Unit
      Botanical Gardens, Roseau
      Commonwealth of Dominica
      Tel: (767) 266-3824/3827/ Fax: (767) 448-8632
      E-mail: forestvet@cwdom.dm/ ffestvet@cwdom.dm
    • A Phyto-sanitary certificate ( this can be obtained from the appropriate government agency in the exporting country);
    • It is necessary for the imports of fruits, plants, dung, soil, living insects, non-marine invertebrate animals, and any accompanying container or wrapping material to enter Dominica via a designated port of entry. This will be subject to examination by officers of the Plant Protection Office.
  • Importing personal belongings

    Personal Belongings

    Personal Belongs Have Exemptions for Returning Nationals

    • Dominican nationals returning for permanent residence are permitted for their personal items and household effects (being items that are the norm and found in the home to make it comfortable); including one motor vehicle, whether new or used are to be imported free of duty. including one motor vehicle, whether new or used. It is necessary for Dominican nationals before or after taking up residence on the island ensure that their items arrive in Dominica within three (3) months.
    • Foreign Nationals who will be coming to Dominica to work, reside, invest or/and retire will be allowed to import free of duty their used household and personal items. However, vehicles do not apply.
  • Duty Free Imports

    Some goods may be imported into Dominica without incurring customs duty. These are:

    • 200 cigarettes or equivalent of tobacco products
    • Tools for professional use.

    Customs authorities may impose regulations on the temporary importation of certain things, like:

    • Business equipment
    • Medications
    • Firearms
    • Antiquities
    • Religious materials and other items.

    (Contact local embassies for further information on customs regulations)