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Staging is all about the details of how the house is presented

Design Decor

A Perfectly Staged Living Center Room

If you want to get that home sold, then you need to stage that property. Staging is the practice of making your house seem bigger, brighter, cleaner and that ideal dwelling for almost any prospective buyer that inspects your property. Staging helps prospects visualize themselves in this house and allows them to mentally make it their home.

Staging is NOT decorating. Decorating means personalizing your house to your tastes and whims. It’s important to understand that staging is not intended to make your house more livable for you and your family. In fact, it is a bit of hardship to live in a staged house during that period your house is on sale.

A room filled with personal photos, hobby items, etc. is filled with so much of the owner’s personality that potential buyers feel they are intruding into another person’s private life. This is not what your real estate agent wants. Estate Agents want prospects to see themselves in the house, and not how someone else lives.

Accessories to consider including in the Staging Process:

Furniture Decor

Setting the Mood With Furniture in the House

  • Mirrors
  • Cut flowers in attractive vases
  • Fresh fruit
  • Up lights, table lamps and floor lights
  • Ottomans
  • Pillows & baskets
  • Scented soap bars
  • Fresh towels
  • Ironed crisp bed sheets
Bedroom Decor

Look at That Bedroom. Does it Look like The type of Bedroom You would sleep in.

If your house doesn’t have the right appeal, and lacks attention to detail, then real estate agents will be less encouraged to show your property, simply because they know what your competition is doing.

To put it bluntly, their time and their prospective buyer’s time is valuable—The thinking is, “why waste time on a property I know most buyers will not even consider?

Here are  Few Facts to Consider About Staged Properties:

  • Staging statistics prove that staging maximizes the financial return and minimizes market time.
  • Staging creates the best showcase condition for your property. It prepares your property to rise above the competition.
  • Real estate professionals prefer showing listings prepared by staging professionals resulting in more frequent showings of your staged property.
  • Staging results in better pictures for your flyers, advertising and the Internet.