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About Our CompanyDominica Properties Real Estate Limited is a highly motivated Real Estate Company managed by energetic and vibrant professionals. An intense desire to please our customers, coupled with being quick movers for sale of properties, captures the essence of our very being... Read More

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Address: P.O. Box 1063
GPO Roseau
Commonwealth of Dominica

Telephone: (767) 276-4472
Fax: (767) 448-5559

Email: dominica_properties@live.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy instead of rent?

Would you rather pay someone else’s mortgage? If you have some savings and a good credit rating, then you are most likely able to buy a home. In some cases, it is actually cheaper to buy than to rent! Home buying is an investment. Over the long-term, your home is almost guaranteed to rise in value. Over all of this, you’ll love the feeling of having something that’s all yours.

Why should I use a Realtor to buy?

All the details involved in home buying can be mind-boggling. A good real estate professional can guide you through the entire process and make the experience much easier. With immediate access to homes as soon as they’re out on the market, your Realtor can save you hours of wasted driving-around time. When it’s time to make an offer on a home, a Realtor can point out ways to structure your deal to save you money. He or she will guide you through the paperwork, recommend the help of other needed professionals, and be there to answer last-minute questions when you sign the final papers at closing.

Does it cost anything to enlist the help of a Realtor to buy?

Not a penny! The buyer’s Realtor is typically compensated by the seller’s Realtor for the property once a purchase has been made.

How many homes should I view before making an offer?

Typically, a motivated home buyer will view about ten properties or less before deciding to make an offer. Of course, this can number can vary.

How do I know what price to offer for a property?

Many factors come into play when deciding an offer price including the property’s sales history, comparable recent sales, the condition of the home, the length of time the home has been on the market, if there are multiple offers, and how much you really want the home. Your Realtor will recommend an offer price that will protect your best interests and give you your best chance to get your dream property. Keep in mind that the closer you are to the asking price, the more likely your offer will be accepted.

What happens in a multiple offer situation?

A multiple offer situation consists of a two or more Agreements of Purchase & Sale being submitted to the seller. In this case, you may have to offer more than the asking price for the seller to accept your offer. When competing with others for the same home, it comes down to how much you really want the property.

What if my offer is rejected?

They often are but don’t let that stop you! Now you begin negotiating and your Realtor will help you. Often, negotiations on a home go back and forth several times before a deal is made. Just remember – don’t get so caught up in negotiations that you lose sight of what you really want and can afford.

Do I need a lawyer's services if the property documents are pretty standard?

Yes. Although the Agreement of Purchase & Sale and related documents may be standard, your lawyer will need to search title for the property to ensure it is free from encumbrances and provide many more important services.

Should the land be surveyed?

Only if there are potential problems with property boundaries or number of acres being questioned. Some lending institutions may require a survey when the property is used as collateral. A survey will identify the number of acres being purchased. The sectional division of legal descriptions does not always identify the correct acreage, because of variations for some section sizes.

What is the currency used in Dominica and what is the exchange rate?

The currency used in Dominica is called the EC (Eastern Caribbean) currency and you can easily use our currency calculator to determine the value of our properties in your own currency.

When is a survey not needed?

A survey is not needed when the property lines and corner markers are accurately identified.

How do I find a reputable surveyor and how much do they charge?

The best way to find a reputable surveyor is to ask someone who uses surveyors. Make sure that the surveyor is licensed as a “Professional Engineer” or “Registered Land Surveyor”. There is no set fee for surveying. Surveyors may charge a crew fee per day, per hour, or a quoted fee for the job. We have put together a reputable list of surveyors here.

What are the transfer fees payable by the purchaser?

Transfer fees payable by the purchaser are: based on the market value of the land being sold. They are:

  • 4% Stamp duty
  • 2.5% Judicial fee
  • 1% Assurance fund
  • 3% Legal fees
  • 2.5% Vendor’s fee (this is to be paid by the owner/seller of the land)

Are Transfer fees Applicable If a property was received as a gift

Yes, in this case the transfer fees would still be calculated on the market value, which is the higher of the purchase price or/and valuation. Even if it were purchased at a lower purchase market price, then the same rule applies.

How long can a non-citizen of Dominica remain on the Island

If you are coming from a Commonwealth country you are permitted to stay in Dominica for up to six (6) months. Thereafter, a residence permit will need to be acquired.

What are the taxes imposed in Dominica?

Companies and persons residing in Dominica are subject to taxes on their profits and income. Tax is charged on incomes made from rent, dividends, pension income, employment income and income from overseas. However, persons who retire in Dominica are exempted from this, since overseas pensions are not taxed in Dominica, once the person was not a resident of Dominica, prior to their retirement. There are no Capital Gains tax or Death Duties to pay in Dominica.

Non-resident will still be taxed on their total net income because they will not be granted allowances and deductions.

Are you wishing to move to Dominica to work? This is what is required of you.

You will need to apply for a work permit. A work permit is automatically gives resident status to an individual whose duration of employment in Dominica, lasts for more than six (6) months. However, being a resident, does not exempt a non-citizen of Dominica from the limitations imposed by the Alien Land Holding License provisions if they wish to purchase more than 1 acre for residential and more than 3 acres for commercial purposes.

A work permit will need to be applied for and when granted, will be valid for one (1) year, and is renewable.

  • It will be necessary to show that the job in question will not be taking a job from a local person and that the applicant will be of benefit. For example: having special skills which can be used within the term of the employment to the benefit of the employer company, specifically and to Dominica in general, etc.
  • If going into paid employment, the prospective employer will be required to advertise the job in question three (3) times and ascertain that there are no suitable local candidates.
  • A fee of EC$500 has to accompany the application.